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Kathryn has been making flowers from sugar, cold porcelain and laser cut paper in full size and miniature 1/12th scale, for over 20 years and during that time she has also been teaching workshops for cold porcelain and paper flower making.

Pictures of some of the many hundreds of flowers Kathryn has made are shown below.

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12th scale flowers made in cold porcelain

Planted orchid showing flowers, leaves and aerial roots.

Open roses

Examples of miniature flowers taught previously in workshops

Arum Lilies and ferns made from cold porcelain

Woodland Scene showing flowers and leaves made from cold porcelain

Classic Flower arrangments made from laser cut paper flowers

Rose and geranium flowers plus philodendron, coleus and croton leaves.

12th scale Purple Iris, 24th scale Yellow Roses plus hand turned artisan made wooden vases

Hogarth Curve arrangement in laser cut paper flower with Pink Roses and geraniums.